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The Dark Age itself is beyond the scope of this article. One is bound to notice, however, that archaeological finds tend to call into question the whole concept of a Dark Age by showing that certain features of Greek civilization once thought not to antedate about bce can actually be pushed back by as much as two centuries. One example, chosen for its relevance to the emergence of the Greek city-state , or polis , will suffice.

A grave, rich by the standards of any period, was uncovered at a site called Lefkandi on Euboea , the island along the eastern flank of Attica the territory controlled by Athens.

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The grave, which dates to about bce , contains the probably cremated remains of a man and a woman. Remains of horses were found as well; the animals had been buried with their snaffle bits. The grave was within a large collapsed house, whose form anticipates that of the Greek temples two centuries later.

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Thus, that find and those made in a set of nearby cemeteries in the years before attesting further contacts between Egypt and Cyprus between and bce are important evidence. They show that one corner of one island of Greece, at least, was neither impoverished nor isolated in a period usually thought to have been both. The difficulty is to know just how exceptional Lefkandi was, but in any view it has revised former ideas about what was and what was not possible at the beginning of the 1st millennium bce. The term colonization , although it may be convenient and widely used, is misleading.

When applied to Archaic Greece, it should not necessarily be taken to imply the state-sponsored sending out of definite numbers of settlers, as the later Roman origin of the word implies. Homer 1 - Iliad 17m. Homer 2 - Odyssey 19m.

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Reading 2 readings. Reading Assignment 1 10m. Reading Assignment 2 10m.

The Greeks

Quiz 1 practice exercise. Prehistory to Homer 40m. The Polis 14m. Literacy, Lawgivers and Law Codes 11m. The Works of Ares - Hoplite Warfare 12m. New Voices, the Lyric Poets 14m. Hesiod: Gods and Farmers 12m. Reading 6 readings.

Medicine was based in belief instead of science

Reading Assignment 3 10m. Reading Assignment 4 10m. Reading Assignment 5 10m. Reading Assignment 6 10m. The Archaic Age 40m. Sparta 1- Conquest 13m.

Sparta 2 - Consolidation and the Spartan Way of Life 19m. Tyrants and Sages 15m. Athens 2 - Solon: Poetry, Politics and Economics 17m. Athens 3 - Peisistratos: Tyranny and Civic Identity 13m. Reading 4 readings. Two City-States: Sparta and Athens 40m. The Reforms of Kleisthenes 15m.

Ancient Greece

Herodotus and the Creation of Historical Writing 19m. The Persian Wars 40m. Show More. From Delian League to Athenian Empire 16m. Pericles: aristocrat, orator, and radical democrat 15m. Women in Greek Society 15m. The Periclean Building Program 13m. Reading 5 readings. Kleon, a "New Politician. Comedy and Athenian Civic Life 13m. Alcibiades: Aristocrat, General, and Libertine 9m. The Peloponnesian War I 40m. Slaves and Foreigners in Athenian Life 20m. The Thirty Tyrants 16m.

Ancient Greece for Kids and Teachers! - Ancient Greece for Kids

Socrates 18m. The Fourth Century. Take a stroll through the atmospheric Plaka district and try a typical Greek coffee in one of the pavement cafes. In the afternoon, transfer to Tolo with a short stop at the Corinth Canal en route. This spectacular canal connects the Saronic Canal with the Gulf of Corinth, and is a most breathtaking sight.

Today there will be a full day guided excursion to the Argolis region, taking in Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio. Mycenae was a Greek settlement in the second millennium BC, and is a fascinating place to explore. Epidaurus is another ancient city that will amaze you, while the pretty seaport of Nafplio will also impress, with its elegant Venetian houses and dazzling setting.

Noted sights during this excursion include the Palace of Agamemnon, the Cyclopean Walls and the Epidaurus Amphitheatre. Enjoy a full day excursion to the Byzantine fortress of Mystras, which overlooks Sparta, origin and home to the famous Leonidas and his army of just men. You will have free time to explore the area at leisure. Today, set off on a half day excursion to the island of Spetses, by Sea Taxi.

You will have time to relax and see the sights, before returning to Tolo in the afternoon.

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Just m from the village of Tolo and m from the beach, it offers an ideal base for exploring the historic and archaeological wonders The family-run Hotel Asteria enjoys panoramic views from its hillside perch above the blue waters of the Argolic Gulf. Just m from the village of Tolo and m from the beach, it offers an ideal base for exploring the historic and archaeological wonders of the Peloponnese as well as relaxing by the sea.

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