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  3. Digital health and the biopolitics of the Quantified Self
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  5. The Body-Border – Governing Irregular Migration Through Biometric Technology | Spheres

Barney G Glaser. Social Network Analysis. Professor John Scott. Understanding Digital Humanities. Emerging Approaches to Educational Research. Tara Fenwick. Law, Human Agency and Autonomic Computing. Mireille Hildebrandt. The Architecture of Control. Grant Vetter. Social Network Analysis for Ego-Nets. Elisa Bellotti. The Toronto School of Communication Theory. Rita Watson. What is Social Network Analysis? John Scott. Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences. David Byrne. Anthropology in Theory. Henrietta L. Luciano Floridi.

Theorizing Surveillance. David Lyon. The Tyranny of the Ideal. Gerald Gaus. Soren Riis. The Machine at Work. Keith Grint. Peter J. Media Convergence. Klaus Bruhn Jensen. Still Life. The Causal Power of Social Structures. Dave Elder-Vass. The Map Reader.

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Martin Dodge. Inventive Methods. Celia Lury. The Exploit. Alexander R. The Comparative Method. Charles C. Processual Sociology.

1st Edition

Andrew Abbott. Boundary Objects and Beyond. Geoffrey C. Social Networks. Jeroen Bruggeman. The Interface Effect.

Digital health and the biopolitics of the Quantified Self

Governing through Biometrics. Christina Prell. What is Criminology About? Don Crewe. Classics in Cartography. David J. The Outskirts of Hope. Jo Ivester. Cultural Studies in the Future Tense. Lawrence Grossberg. Remodelling Communication. Gary Genosko. Kerry-anne Mendoza. Riot Days. Maria Alyokhina. Political Matter. Bruce Braun.

School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

Mark Curtis. Holes In The Whole. Krzysztof Nawratek. Economics, Rational Choice and Normative Philosophy. Thomas Boylan. Critical Security Methods. Claudia Aradau. Gay Marriage. Constant war drove Fazle, his wife and four children away from their home and farm in the Khyber region of Pakistan eight years ago. They loved their home, but with all the shooting and the armed extremist groups, he had to leave or endure the death, destruction and instability that Foreign and security policy impacts everyone, and is therefore too important a topic to be silenced or restricted to the backrooms of government ministries.

In general Norwegians have a high level of knowledge on international affairs, not least reflected in a substantial societal interest in the subject. The world is Despite major strides, women in many countries continue to face huge constraints in personal security, social and political inclusion, and legal protections that harm their wellbeing and hold back economies. The Index reflects a shared vision that countries are more peaceful and prosperous when women are accorded full and equal A look back on three years since the end of Operation Mare Nostrum.

The Body-Border – Governing Irregular Migration Through Biometric Technology | Spheres

Last fall I spent two months in Poitiers, France as a visiting researcher at Migrinter. The last time I lived in France before that was in , just when the financial crisis fully hit. A lot has changed since then, some of it directly or indirectly linked to the financial When we discuss artificial intelligence, the digital technology that makes it happen, and singularity — the idea that both of them will exponentially take over the progression of society — we refer to them in singular.

This is not a coincidence. Both, science and fiction have portrayed AI as a The past month has seen historic events in India. On Tuesday 8 November , the Modi government announced without prior warning that all and Indian rupee notes would be rendered valueless more or less overnight. In effect, this meant immediate withdrawal of the largest bank notes in circulation, But how well do you really know this other aspect of your identity? Unless you know what your entirely digital identity looks like, you should take responsibility for finding out and, at the same time, contribute to a digital drive to ensure that we Images of refugees using smartphones have now become common in the Western media landscape, and everybody seems to have learned that refugees and migrants, too, use smartphones.

Indicative of this awareness, European governments are now looking into how to make use of these assets in their identity checks and in The MTCR is an informal and voluntary association of suppliers of ballistic and cruise missiles capable of delivering Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD , and other unmanned aerial vehicles. It was established in with For the first time in South America, the world yet again comes together to celebrate sports, unity and diversity. Against the backdrop of turbulent times marked by all sorts of As 22 July becomes a more distant memory, we are overwhelmed with massacres and terrorist attacks in other parts of the world, including fierce attacks in Turkey, France, and the United States.

At the time of writing, the terrorist attack in Nice, France, is the most recent. Many of But no society can be protected against all risks, and anti-terror efforts do not always have the intended effects. Within a split second, Go to secure location and deny entry lockdown Five years ago, the Basque militant group ETA Basque Homeland and Freedom announced a unilateral and permanent cessation of operations.

Since then, the disappearance of political violence has given rise to a new debate on Basque nationhood: more inclusive, more open, more civic, and at the same time stronger in The fourth season of the Netflix series House of Cards was released worldwide on the 4th March. Which is to say, the week-end when many International Relations IR researchers are still rushing to finalize their conference paper for the annual convention of the International Studies Association ISA.

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And, if you Billboards with potential board members smiling at us with an apple in one hand and a ballot in the other. Anyone who owns a computer or an iPad or Several governments see in the mass-surveillance of passenger data the key tool of counter-terrorism. These data are generally known as PNR — Passenger Name Records, and their potential for law enforcement has been discussed at least since the s. Can we reconcile And now, after the dramatic and horrible Paris terror attacks, a similar process of alarmed exaggeration seems to be happening with There is little one can do, however, to impose effective border controls at sea.

Operation Triton does On the 3rd of January the Islamist group first attacked Baga, situated at the riverside of Lake Chad in the north of the State of Borno.

They then came back several days later and demolished the entire city and its surrounding villages. We cannot make do without surveillance, and even political actors must expect to be kept under observation if they espouse extreme positions. But we must keep surveillance under control. This article tells the story of the information about me that had lain in the files of the police security service A record number of refugees have arrived by boat in southern Europe this summer. Norway should voice its support for a common European solution to the issue of boat migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Last year this would have been front-page news, but now each new arrival — or each refugee You are being watched. This classical surveillance slogan hides a subtler, and more insidious message: you must believe you are always being watched, and you probably The Syrian refugee crisis has been heartbreaking to watch.

According to the United Nations, over 2. However, does the influx of We are interested in overarching research questions, such as: What role do security rationalities, technologies and practices play in the governance of societies? How can we prevent and deal with conflict or crises? How are threats framed and communicated?

What are the epistemic strategies employed in the governance of the future and how are they changing? What are ethical challenges of contemporary security governance? How are security problems perceived and approached in different regions of the world? Members Coordinator. Bruno Oliveira Martins Senior Researcher. Fri, 17 Feb Not so Smart Cities? Thu, 07 Dec Gender and Security.

Oslo: PRIO. On the politics of countering the values of violent extremism , Security, Society and Technology pilot journal issue 1 1 : 18— DOI: Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen Control or rescue at sea? Aims and limits of border surveillance technologies in the Mediterranean Sea , Disasters.

Bellanova, Rocco Digital, politics, and algorithms: Governing digital data through the lens of data protection , European Journal of Social Theory. Jacobsen Cultures of Peace in India: Local visions, global values and possibilities for social change , Peaceworks 1 6 : 1— Boy, Nina Sovereign safety , Security Dialogue 46 6 : — Kaufmann, Mareile Resilience governance and ecosystemic space: a critical perspective on the EU approach to Internet security , Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 33 3 : — Kaufmann, Mareile Resilience 2.

Kaufmann, Mareile Exercising emergencies: Resilience, affect and acting out security , Security Dialogue 47 2 : 99— Tidsskrift for forskning, fagkritikk og teoretisk debatt 14 3 : 47— Kaufmann, Mareile Emergent self-organisation in emergencies: resilience rationales in interconnected societies , Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses 1 1 : 53— Liden, Kristoffer In love with a lie? On the social and political preconditions for global peacebuilding governance , Peacebuilding 1 1 : 73— Jacobsen, Elida K. Baev, Pavel K. Boy, Nina; J.

PhD thesis, Criminology, Hamburg University. New York: Routledge. Routledge Studies in Resilience. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Intersentia Ltd. London: Routledge — Berlin: Nomos — Svantesson, Dan J. Cambridge: Intersentia — Cambridge: Intersentia Exercising Access Rights in Europe.