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I really wanted to read this article,but with the white flashing little lights coming down the screen, I had to stop due to my bad eyesight, this caused way, way too much work. Could you re-post the article without the flashing white snowflakes falling down?

At this time all the blogs have them. I agree with you it is distracting. You had no right or permission to take a picture of our dog and post on this site!!! Kinda shots down the notion that we a a race are competent to mess with the genetic integrity of any animal or plant we choose in any way we chooe, including moving genes between species….. If you like to buy a pure bred puppy from a reputable breeder who does genetic testing and compete with their dogs then good for you. I have worked at a vets, and I work as a groomer and yes I show and breed Labradors.

Product | Collie (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

And yes I have had mixed breeds in the past. I stand behind my show dogs. Are there extremes in some dogs, yes, But there are t tons of breeder who show and compete and get working certificate too! How many people who are posting have ever been to a dog show, how many have you taken the time to understand how the dogs are judged? Look at the pictures, better straighter tops line mean stronger backs, proper shoulder angles prevent shoulder injuries…I could go on.

Working at the vets I see pet bred dogs again mixed breeds and backyard breeders with heart problems, epilepsy, allergies… I mean get real people, these deisases are found in mixed breed too. Because we love out chosen breeds. And if anyone would like to suggest that I do it for money, I wish they would tell me how because I have never, I repeat NEVER received a single penny I have reinvested back into the health care of my dogs.

These dogs get the best vet care, best food, the best of everything. Why because I want to produce the best healthiest labs I can. Almost all show breeders feel the same, so before you make judge please quit buying into the ideas your being force fed and get out there, and make up your own mind.

Not too long ago I wrote about a mutation that affects nearly half of Italian greyhounds. Which breed, which problem, and what percent of the population suffers? Yes, designer breeds suck, and the fashion shows need to go, but I dare you to find a dog that can work better than a breed that was bred for it. The real problem is people.

We should just kill off the populace that thinks a dog needs to be cute. Not that I necessarily disagree. I refuse to breed faults into animals just to win in the show right. Natural selection worked a whole lot better than what humans have done these breeds…. Lisa Lou, the comments stated accurate. Thank you. And the point is, why is ONE necessary? Do you have a dog? If so can you share some about your own dog… what kind… why you choose that breed or mutt?

If you know of anyone in the southeast US who breeds real working Malinois shoot me a reply please. All they want is show and no work. They are killing the breed. Check out my other reply to Brenda for further. Thanks a lot for this. You are spot on. I can provide everything but a title. My dog came through a broker. At 10 years old he still launches from feet and hits hard and deep.

I think my title would be the kilos of cocaine confiscated, murder, rape, robbery and escapees captured that are recorded. All I received when he came over back in 05 was a vet record all in German and a hip X-Ray. This gets more difficult every single year that more and more idiots breed washouts.

If he were show line, never worked a day but had a pedigree I would have no problem. How many show dogs do you see doing bite work, running sprints and have a clean bill of health at 10? This is my frustration. Steve, check in with Julie Atchison of wwww. She can put you in touch with breeders of working lines Malnois. It seems like breeders from dogs shows because of ridiculous standards like the comment from Brenda emphasize quality such as looks over biomechanical factors that make a healthy dog. Do all the delusional genetic testings for your own pets, but the common factor is health problems non existent is the past was brought about by pure breeding.

It is a causation not correlation. Maybe your next article should point of the lack of some of these health problems before pure breeding became popular and profitable. Dogs are on the front lines of human genetic research. Because of breed isolation it is easier for researchers to isolate the specific genes associated with disease in dog DNA than in human DNA. Since dogs suffer from many of the same diseases as humans, they are actually a better analogue than say mice or rats.

All the clubs and the people who support them have done a great job of spinning what is in fact some weird and tragically flawed experiment. So I ended up getting a mutt. For a while I dated a woman who had a golden retriever, that thing was as dumb as an anvil. Not impressive, for a purebred. The show dog people have been behind their own undoing. But us on the mutts-first side of the debate perceive you pure-breeders as simply a little weird Ali Naderzad, Paris. I was going to write pretty much what you just said.

Really though, Brenda, you are just caught up in a network of people and organizations that will do everything they can to make you feel like you are doing good work and helping animals by doing this pure-bred stuff. I understand how easy it is to feel like you are taking good care of the animals, and you probably really are on an individual level.

But the work you are doing is detrimental to future offspring these dogs may have. Show People, which I used to be, are not all bad. It is the entire collection Show, Breeders, Public, etc. It is disgusting true enough. Your dogs are over priced mutts that barely can walk out of their kennels. Go back under your rock troll. I suppose you purport to know more about dogs than you apparently do about manners or grammar. The article points out a phenomenon that there is a preponderance of evidence points to: That dogs are being overbred with a focus on appearance, and are less healthy, and suffer as a result.

I love purebred labs, and my own animal is a purebred GSD, but that is another matter. Do mixed breeds get sick? Sure they do. What does that tell us? Finally, nobody is being force-fed ideas or forced into a certain conclusion. The empirical evidence regarding the physical health of purebred dogs indicates that they are now less healthy, physically capable, have more genetic defects, illnesses and die sooner. That is the only conclusion to draw. Thanks for the unbiased opinion Brenda…. Nothing like a dog breeder to come to the defense of dog breeders.

Golly Mr. Is that all you are capable of doing? Go ahead, attempt to do so to me. I was a breeder of specific breeds, also am a Rescue Owner. I have had Mutts as well. Even though I also rescued dogs? Why have show dogs? Having them to look like we think they should ,, O he has a little white tip on his tail O LA LA that dog could never get confirmation as a pure breed ,,,, A big dog de bordeaux becomes a mongeral because of a quarter of an inch of white tip tail O LA LA Ce dur ;;;. You said what all of us responsible breeders stand for. I also show and breed but cocker spaniels who are notorious for health problems.

I am one of the few breeders left that do every test imaginable to protect the integrity of this breed. I have a mutt, a purebred rescue plus a few dogs that I show. But I support purebred dog organizations and even serve on the board of a breed club because I love the breed and want to see health issues get resolved. Also those who think a shelter dog, mixed breed will always give them genetic diversity and good health are misinformed. When I was president of a humane society we often went out to situations and rescued mixed breeds who were running loose and being bred by their litter-mates and other close relatives.

Buying from a reputable breeder who does health clearances on the sire and dam of every litter ups your chances, plus choosing a breed that is known for having less hereditary problems. I am just stating facts based on my experience plus common sense. I am not defending breeders because I am not one! But I do get rather ill by people who state things that simply are not true.

Many breed are becoming healthier and are not inbred and such. In standard Poodles, for example. Many breeders are striving for very low inbreeding coefficients percentages. Do your homework before blasting inaccurate information! So very well said. Too many people jump on the fanatic bandwagon to criticise , be incredibly rude and yet have no knowledge of the majority of those who breed healthy dogs.

The ones who NOW need to be looked at, are all those who are breeding crossbreeds for enormous amounts of money and getting away without so much as a comment from the pure breed bashers. This is all going on while all the attention is on breeders who in the most part are health testing etc and have knowledge and experience in their breeds. I have spoken to several people who own 3 or 4 cocker bitches each and are mating them all to their own poodle male next year and have already done so this year. Fulfilling or creating demand? There are many problems that we could talk about and you bring up a valid point.

Cheryl, Nothing wrong with purebred dogs…. But if they have to meet a standard that is unhealthy, what is the point. A smashed in face is unhealthy. If a breeder of a bull dog wants to win, they have to breed for a character that is going to cause problems. So I guess that makes me an authority on all things space, astronomy and quantum mechanics.

My experience: Previously showed in AKC. What this person is talking about is the big picture. Yes there are mix breed dogs with health problems and purebred dogs that are healthy. But overall breed standards are causing problems. My family used to have German Shepherds…not any more.

Bearded vs Border Collie - Dog Breed Comparsion

Too many health and fear issues. I blame AKC. Do some research yourself! Take a genetics class. Compare the numbers, rates of disease past and present. I have shown whippets for 25 years. The breed in the show ring is almost ruined. Whippets were bred to run fast. The point was that, through selective breeding, we have created dogs who are now more prone to disease and deformity than ever before. Mixed or pure.

Pretty ironic that you opened your rant with something about people going on and on about something they know nothing about. In I went to a working dog national convention where I met with the head of the German State Police canine program. Look back at the Doberman which decades ago was used for police work. They now are no longer used. Same thing with the German Shepherd. The Malinois work hard, have virtually no diseases, live long and have amazing drive. It took decades, perhaps a century to get a dog like this. All that hard work to create a dog to replace what the show breeders destroyed.

An actual working dog is put out and what happens? So what do they do? In when I bought my Mal from Germany they were unheard of in a family home here. Some farmers who actually worked them to herd had them but it was not a breed seen in a pet store. She is breeding pretty, lazy, disease ridden house dogs and helping to destroy yet another breed of dog. I thought this was maybe just her. The article was spot on. Anyone who owns a real working dog agrees with the article.

Anyone who is aiding in the destruction of a working breed for financial gain does not. Brenda, you seem to be spouting the same half information that most other breeders do as well as a lack of evolutionary, genetic and biological education. You want people to make judgements by getting out there and making up your own mind? How about making up your mind on scientific facts.

Hundreds of years of breeding specifically for appearance has led to a number of health problems for these poor dogs. You are already working with a gene pool of dogs that has genetic health problems due to years of breeding specifically for appearance and you think screening alone will lower the prevalence of these diseases? These breeds are already in trouble and will continue to be as long as they are bred for appearance. Breeding for temperament, however, seems to breed a more healthy dog.

When they breed plants though they are constantly evaluating them against other breeds and older breeds to make sure that the new one is actually an improvement. Note, I mean an improvement in whatever the desired characteristics are. These might be shelf life and yield rather than taste, or they might be taste. Most plant breeders are breeding plants for all sorts of characteristics. Inbreeding is a genetically unsound practice. It was intended to preserve certain traits that were considered to be desirable, but it also brings out certain undesirable traits.

As an example, think of the heart problems that Weimaraners have. Inbreeding is a misused and misunderstood term. Reblogged this on Life As Me and commented: Really interesting to see how much dogs have changed in only years.

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The Bull Terrier should be the poster child of bad designer breeding. We were shown pictures in class that would turn your stomach of the extreme angles on the muzzle. They had actually made it beyond 45 degrees and the jaws could no longer function. And that is what brings me to the GSD. The Heidelbergs had a lot to do with their destruction, with rear feet that post in the middle of their body. How on earth is an animal that moves on 4 legs supposed to move properly and efficiently like that? There is also the Irish Setter. Originally quite substantive and a great worker that is now beset with physical and mental problems, all because people thought they looked more regal and defined without the White that was originally part of their accepted coat color.

We as humans have been the single most destructive force on most dog breeds, playing God and thinking we know better. Humans are also the reason dog breeds exist to begin with. Give me back the old style! Blame much of this on judges who have pinned these animals, thereby perpetuating and enhancing some of these annoying factors. Maryann, tis not the old school version at all. Frankly it is absolutely disgusting, but alas.

Breeders need to be held accountable, alas NOT so here. I think its very interesting you immediately shoot down anyone who suggests breeding for conformation is desirable. I suspect you have little or no knowledge of why correct conformation is so important. An animal with correct conformation is a comfortable animal, and a healthy one.

A correct lay back of shoulder, sloping pasterns, and corresponding croup makes for a dog or horse that travels easily without tiring. Round, compact feet with arched toes again is comfortable for the dog. Long rabbit toes are hurting feet, plus the nails trim themselves if the foot is shaped correctly. As mentioned, the Dachshund hunts in badger holes, A Greyhound type dog has an extreme tuck up and no body fat so they are faster and cooler chasing game on desert. We shape everything around us too, our homes, our land, our hair for heavens sake!

Do we make mistakes? Remember people used to think conception was caused by magic vapors!! Shaping items and yourself if SO different from shaping another living being for your own liking. Evolution takes care of making sure their conformation is what is best for longevity and reproduction. Humans are screwing it up. Really, so does that apply to you? Do you wear glasses? Are you athletic enough to run away or protect yourself from an attacker who wants to take your home and food?

My Shopping Bag

Should you just be wiped from the gene pool? Wait… Are you serious? How is wearing glasses even remotely comparable to selectively breeding certain dogs to have certain exaggerated traits… To the point that they cannot breathe, have half of the average lifespan of other breeds, spines that snap at the drop of a hat, skulls that impede the brain to such an extent that the dog goes insane, holes in the top of their skulls, eye problems, skin problems, teeth problems, hip problems, etc. But, the way people are selectively breeding dogs to the point that they have the issues I mentioned above, dogs certainly have a much smaller chance of sieving in the wild than they did a hundred years ago… Are we even looking at the same article, here?

The difference is that show dogs are being bred for certain aesthetic traits whereas the flaws that you described are occurring naturally within our own gene pool. Adapting to these shortcomings is actually something that we as humans have done for a VERY long time. So we started to use tools and our intellect. Humans made dog breeds from that stock. Natural selection very rarely selects for longevity, just sufficient longevity for a bit more reproduction than other members of the species. Most dog breeds live significantly longer than their wild con-specifics. You are comparing the slope of the back of dog to the slope of the back of a Horse while riding the horse, may I inquire if you actually ride the dog at some point?

Or is it that Humans think it looks better? Oh, BS. Straight shoulders are for human comfort, not the well being of the horse. Look at wild mustangs or prezewalskis, horses that breed naturally — they have straight shoulders, short legs, and huge feet. Not fit to ride but can live for years without hoof trimming and picking, and ankle wrapping, etc..

Take a look at some of the pasterns on those warmbloods you see. But they are expected to pack people around on them over terrain and jumps and are prone to all sorts of injuries.

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If people want to breed animals for human use they should put some thought into it. Well, please tell me that last time a weiner dog has been used to hunt a badger?! But I can tell you that they can put a disc in their backs out going up and down stairs. You breed for the form thinking that function will follow. A There is wide variation of desired qualities between different breeders for every breed.

The difference between pictures really is within the amount of variation that still exists today. B The dogs on the left have many of the same issues identified about the dogs on the right. Pugs had short snouts in the old days too. While there are irresponsible breeders. The good ones take genetic diseases and problems very seriously and do not breed dogs that carry those genes. D It is illogical to refer to the dogs as if they are one individual that has been changed over time. E I think that the blame on breeders is misplaced. If it were not for public demand, there would be no reason for breeders to try for certain results.

If the public were just as content with a labrodoodle, thats all that would be sold and all that anyone would be interested in breeding. For specific purposes, there definitely are more desirable traits. Not just physical but mental. They are pack animals after all. This is generally not the case. What they really want are titles and trophies and each litter brings the hope of more show dogs, which they will either keep for themselves or sell to other breeders. There is no profit in it.

Most purebreds sold for public demand originate from breeding farms known as puppy mills, and backyard breeders. Breeders can select dogs with the best of intentions and carefully test for various genetic illnesses, but at the end of the day a person breeding a Boston terrier is creating a dog that is likely going to suffer lifelong respiratory distress and overheating just for the sake of form alone. Is it really necessary to inflict that type of suffering? They had some wonderful traits — they were cute, friendly, and loving. But, seeing their fear and misery as they suffered through horrible unnecessary illnesses made me consider that breeding is a form of abuse.

If it were up to me, there would be no more pugs. This has become so true with pure breeds, and the inbreeding needs to stop! I am surprised there was no mention of the Dalmatian here. There are other requirements as well. The Germans have done an amazing job keeping the GSD on track for over years. The AD test endurance for those not familiar is rather lame. Yes, and the standing broad jump is way too easy for human olympians.

Almost any cat can do better! Humans are exceptional endurance runners. Comparing what you can do with a standardized test for another species is not reasonable. I know very little about dogs, so I have no opinion on whether the AD test is way too easy or not. Hyperthermia is most apt to occur when running during the heat of the day in ambient temperatures exceeding 0 F.

What temperatures is the AD performed at? The idea of doing 8k resting 15min, 8k resting some more and finishing seems like a low bar to pass. Humans excel at running over most 4 legged animals by design. Bipedal movement and lack of fur lets us sweat, and the sweat dripping from the body consistently cools us. A furred or haired animal running at the same speed over the same distance will eventually succumb to heat exhaustion because they need to stop and pant to cool themselves. Bipedal human and quadripedal animal running are very different things.

Humans can outrun most other animals in an endurance race. The rest are produced by random breedings, ie: careless people who let their female dog become pregnant. Open your eyes folks! There is big money in shelter dogs! Look up how much money PETA receives in donations! Look up how many times PETA has been charged with illegally disposing of dogs. How many of you who are so quick to criticize purebreds have been in a shelter?

Most are pittbulls. You can own all you want of them. I know, I know, its the person who owns them, not the dog. Doggy Turds! Oh wait! That means people would be out of a job. The answer will be NO. Rescue groups try to pull these dogs and have volunteers transport the dogs to city where they may be adopted. After we vaccinate and sterilize the dogs we adopt them out at a loss, especially if they needed any vet care beyond that.

That difference is made up from donations from caring people and often out of our own pocket. Maybe the occasional grant. Most rescues are all volunteers who work full-time elsewhere: no paid staff. The dogs are in foster homes with people who pay for food out of their own pocket until the dog is adopted: no facility.

There little to no overhead. All the money goes to making a difference for homeless pets. In doing so, the dogs have declined in health and function. If you are a breeder or looking to purchase from a breeder, the dogs do not look like they did years ago. The dogs have not been improved. He was from a no-kill shelter and had lived there for months; they even fed him, too! Yup, the shelter totally ripped us off…. You look it up. As I said, I work with children. Inner city children to be exact. The fact is running kids excite PittBulls and they bring them down.

The Pitt broke his leash where he was tied to the porch and chased the kid down. Sue, the so-called breed of Pitpull needs to be completed wiped off the face of the planet.

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JUST Fight. Ohh my pittie is sooo sweet would NOT hurt a fly, I luv my pittie. But all of a sudden two of her dogs decided out of the blue no reason have been together for a number of years to fight each other. Then one day just all of a sudden the animal attacks. This has occurred more times than I would like to count. YES it is breed specific. Pitbulls were actually formulated by what eventually became Navy Seals as a covert agent of mass destruction. But like all covert plans, the experiment went awry, horribly so. The press has been silent on this, but entire third world nations have been conquered under the tyrannical mastery of these subjugating monsters.

In these dark kingdoms, those that opposed the ruling pitbulls become the food for the new canine royalty. Those that are willing to work with their new overlords must walk their lieges for hours without end, pamper and pet them until their fragile and under-fed hands bleed from wear and exhaustion. The Patriarchs and Matriarchs of these once noble lands surely twist from the beyond as they behold what has become of their lineage. My worst fear? But slandering PETA? Come on. Our pit bull and 3 kids are perfectly fine together.

I wish I could say the same for some of our friends dogs; bischon frise, poodle, schnauzer, etc. I understand that its easy to feel like you are taking care of the dogs by looking out for their individual health, but the work you are doing collectively, as breeders, is bad for the animals. I work with kids. I also have kids. Never seen any kid get bitten by a bully breed in my lifetime.

Video of Albert Payson Terhune & Collies

Pit bulls can be such great dogs because they are so active. I love watching them play. They are also big with big jaws. They can be terrific pets with the right training and placement. With the wrong training and placement they can be dangerous. The problem is that a large, boisterous animal with a large mouth full of knives needs more training and care than most people can offer. There are a lot of poorly trained bully breeds out there and in the shelters.

Someone with my temperament would be extremely unwise to adopt a bully breed, and yet they do. My brother is great with his bully dog. He dedicates time every day to training him as well as exercising him, and the dog is very well-behaved and can exercise considerable self-discipline. I would trust him not to attack a child because my brother monitors him so closely for any behaviour that might become problematic, consults with a positive trainer and follows through.

No thanks. I work at Home Depot. When I started there three years ago, customers were allowed to bring their dogs into the store, as long as it was leashed. They banned dogs after a store greeter had the tip of her nose bitten off by a shih-tzu in an Ottawa store. Greeter bent down to pet the dog while it was sitting in a store cart.

They might not be able to kill a child but they could do a lot of damage. It happened so quickly, the cat had jumped on and off his head before I could do anything. My son was sitting on my lap at the time. He had to get seven stitches in his forehead. In my experience, little dogs and cats can have a very big chip on their shoulder and regard everyone as a threat. I feel much more secure in the presence of larger dogs.

Even after more than 85 years, his timeless works remain a wonderful introduction to the charismatic character of the Collie.

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Quotes and Illustrations here. It was his world. The denizens of every world must have at least one deity to worship. Lad had one: the Master. Indeed he had two: the Master and the Mistress. Which was wholly as it should have been. From Lad: A Dog. The more I study them, the more I realize that there is something about a Collie - a mysterious, elusive something - that makes him different from any other dog. Something nearer human than beast. And for all that, he is one hundred percent dog. From Buff: A Collie.

Here was a Collie! Additional Resources AKC. Get Started in Dog Training. Clubs Offering: Training Classes. Sign In Sign Up. By Bud Boccone Feb 13, 3 Minutes. Feb 13, 3 Minutes. Photo courtesy Jon Provost What will they think when these artifacts are unearthed in a thousand years? Header photo credit: AKC Gazette collection. Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more.